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  Angela and Diabola  
  The Indian in the Cupboard

When that nice, ordinary couple, the Cuthbertson-Joneses, have twin girls, they little dream what lies ahead.  Because something terrible has happened:  All the good and bad that should have been mixed in each twin, has separated out:  Angela is completely good.  Diabola is pure evil.  Everyone loves Angela.
Even the vicar is terrified of Diabola!

As Diabola’s powers grow, it seems that no one can stop her.
Unless perhaps Angela can.  But at what cost?

"A worthy successor to Roald Dahl...children will be hammering on the bookshop door to get it."

Treasure Island, Radio 4



Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: HarperCollinsChildren's Books
ISBN 9780007171736

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