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  Dark Quartet  
  Two is Lonely

The four surviving children of Rev. Patrick Bronte, living in Howarth Parsonage on the edge of the Yorkshire moors, entertain themselves in secret with wild fantasies, games and writings. But as they grow up, their father’s poverty makes it necessary for them to ‘go upon the world’ to supplement the family income. The limited scope for this for girls in mid-nineteenth century England makes the lives of Charlotte, Emily and Anne tortuous and sometimes heart-breaking, while their ‘white hope’ brother, Branwell, blunders from failure to disgrace.  This classic story of three unique young women whose novels and poetry, born of their strange lives and brilliant talent, have long outlived them, is retold here in novel form.



Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.
ISBN 978-0140083057

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