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  The Wrong Coloured Dragon  
  Alice by Acident

Ferocity P. Bychahedoff is born to normal dragon parents, but he is red - not a dragon colour, which sets him apart. Dragonkind have defeated their age-old enemies, the Uprights, following a planetary catastrophe, sending them into exile on scattered islands while dragons take over the mainland.The world is now a more peaceful place. But there are difficulties. Without the advantage of hands, dragons find they cannot build, or mine the coal they need for their chestfire-boxes. So Ferocity's 'dag' is sent on a mission to find some Uprights and perhaps make common cause with them. Ferocity meets and befriends a young female Upright and together they all travel to the Uprights' island exile, where a hostile welcome awaits the dragons... ...


Paperback: 98 pages
Publisher: Childrens Books for Kindle

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