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Great news! I have a new publisher, Sapere.  They specialise in ebooks, starting with my two novels about the Brontes, Dark Quartet and Path to the Silent Country, and they have also published the following titles from my blacklist of adult novels:
The Warning Bell, Children at the Gate, Fair Exchange and Casualties. Apart from ebooks, Sapere also produces them in volume form, very nicely jacketed. I'm proud of these and very glad to have these titles back in print. All these titles can be purchased on the Older Readers page of this site.

Other news is that I've been doing remote gigs with locked-down schools and book clubs in the USA. These are done with the help of Zoom and are my contribution to keeping kids entertained at this time, which is so difficult for teachers, who may start reading a book in class and have to stop in the middle when the school closes. Thank God for modern technology. With it, teachers can record the rest of the story and send it to each individual student.

Keep well and hope to update my news soon. 


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