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I’m excited to report that I have a new book coming out this month (August)!   It’s called ‘Uprooted – A Canadian War Story’ and is about my first year as a ‘war-guest’ – aka evacuee – in Canada at the start of World War Two.   It’s a novel, but it’s based on my own experiences, so it’s a sort of fictionalised memoir.   I think grown-ups would like it as well as young readers.

Great news! I've been awarded the prestigious J.M. Barrie Award by Action for Children's Arts!

News for Kindle-users! My book about my lovely young dragon, Ferocity P. Bychahedoff, is now available. It's in the Children's Book section of this site and you can buy it for your Kindle, and find out what happens when the Uprights are all banished and dragons run the world. They’re peaceable, civilized – and vocal – creatures now, but they haven’t evolved hands, and that makes things very difficult when coal supplies for their chest-fires begin to run short. Only their old enemies, the Uprights, might help – but how to find them?
My cat book, Bad Cat, Good Cat, has done surprisingly well.
Illustrated by Tony Ross, who did the pictures for my Harry the Poisonous Centipede books, it’s a story about two families, two children, and two cats, and here’s the fun thing:  the cat-crazy heroes are my grandchildren, Paloma and David.   Then there are my two picture-books – my first.  Here, the illustrator is none other than my son Omri, the hero of The Indian in the Cupboard.  The books are called The Spice Rack, which has lots of (non-human) adventure and will help you to be a good cook, and Polly and Jake.  These two animal pen-pals live far apart, but they long to meet.  Trouble is, plane-travel is tricky if you’ve got a thick white fur coat, or a very long neck!


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